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The term mythopoeic ("of or pertaining to myth-making", noun mythopoeia; also mythopoetic, noun mythopoesis) has several applications:

  • Mythopoeic thought, a hypothetical stage of human thought (prior to scientific thought) that produces myths.
  • Mythopoeia, a word coined (and used as the title of a poem) by mythology scholar and fantasy author J. R. R. Tolkien to mean "myth-making"; it has since become a literature and film genre of myth-like fictional narratives, especially in the high fantasy tradition.
  • Mythopoeic Society, devoted to fantastic literature including that of Tolkien and his friends
  • Mythopoeic Awards
  • Mythopoetic men's movement, a subset of the men's movement interested in returning men to a hypothetical archetypal maleness in what they perceive to be an 'over-feminizing' modern world