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Drawing of Davidescu, by Ștefan Dimitrescu (1926)

Nicolae Davidescu (Romanian pronunciation: [nikoˈla.e daviˈdesku]; October 24, 1888 – June 12, 1954) was a Romanian symbolist poet and novelist.




  • 1912: Zâna din fundul lacului ("The Fairy at the Bottom of the Lake") - an exercise in symbolism;
  • 1915: Sfinxul ("The Sphinx")
  • 1928: Vioara mută ("The Muted Violin") - influenced by social psychology;

Literary criticism[edit]

Two collections of his literary criticism were published posthumously:

  • 1975: Aspecte şi direcţii literare ("Literary Conventions and Directions")
  • 1977: Poezii, teatru, proză ("Poetry, Drama, Prose").

Nicolae Davidescu collaborated at Viața Românească.

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