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Noxxon Pharma
Founded 1997
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Key people
  • Aram Mangasarian, CEO
  • J. Donald deBethizy, Chairman of the supervisory board
  • Jens P. Furste, Founder
Number of employees
10 (2017)[1]

Noxxon Pharma is a small-to-medium-sized company founded in year 1997 in Berlin, Germany and since then is headquartered there. The company is member of the German Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies, Verband forschender Arzneimittelhersteller (vfa). The company is listed on Euronext Growth Paris (ALNOX).

Noxxon Pharma develops drugs using technology yielding L-RNA molecules, which are of mirror-image configuration compared to natural occurring D-RNA molecules. The company calls these agents Spiegelmers,[2][3] from Spiegel, the German word for "mirror."

The L-RNA are resistant to the natural RNA nuclease enzymes.[4]


While no Spiegelmer is on the market yet, some candidates are in clinical trials. NOXXON's focus is on improving cancer treatment by targeting the tumor microenvironment.

A Spiegelmer (NOX-A12, olaptesed pegol) is under development as a combination therapy for a number of cancer indications.[5][6][7]

A different Spiegelmer (NOX-E36, emapticap pegol) has been tested for the treatment of a progressive kidney disease in diabetics, Diabetic nephropathy.[8] Favorable results were reported in June, 2014 in a company press release.[9] NOX-E36 targets MCP-1, also called CCL2.[4]

A third Spiegelmer (NOX-H94) has been in a clinical trial for the treatment of Anemia of chronic disease.[10][11]


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