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Night trains at Oslo Central Station waiting for departure to Bergen and Stavanger

NSB Night Train (Norwegian: Nattog) is a night sleeping car service provided by the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) on four routes; Oslo - Bergen (Bergen Line), Oslo - Stavanger (Sørland Line), Oslo - Trondheim (Dovre Line) and Trondheim - Bodø (the Nordland Line).

The service is provided using El 18 locomotives with WLAB2 and B7 cars on the electrified lines in Southern Norway, while the service on the Nordland Line is provided using Di 4 engines with B5 cars. All night trains offer both sleeper cars with closed apartments with one or two beds in addition to regular sitting cars with individual seats in an open configuration.


Night train WLAB2 cars awaiting departure from Trondheim Central Station.

Previously NSB offered night train services also from Oslo to Åndalsnes on the Rauma Line and to Trondheim on the Røros Line, but these services have been terminated. Services were also offered from Oslo to Stockholm in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark.

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