Napoléon II l'Aiglon

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Napoléon II l'Aiglon
Napoléon II l'Aiglon.jpg
Directed by Claude Boissol
Produced by Films Matignon
Written by Paul Andréota
Claude Boissol
Starring Bernard Verley
Danièle Gaubert
Jean Marais
Music by Paul Bonneau, Fred Freed
Release date
1 November 1961 (France)
Running time
101 minutes (Germany); 105 minutes (USA)
Country Italy, France
Language French

Napoléon II l'Aiglon is a French drama film from 1961, directed by Claude Boissol, written by Paul Andréota, starring Bernard Verley and Jean Marais. The scenario was based on a novel of André Castelot.[1] The film was known under the title "Il re di Roma, Aquila imperiale" (Italy), "Kaiserliche Hoheit" (West Germany), "O Rei de Roma" (Portugal).[2]



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