Natacha Peyre

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Natacha Peyre
Born Natacha Peyre Requena
(1985-03-26)26 March 1985 (age 30)
Ibiza, Spain
Modeling information
Height 1.64 m (5 ft 5 in)
Hair color Blonde (dyed)
Eye color Brown

Natacha Peyre Requena (born 26 March 1985,[citation needed] Ibiza, Spain) is a Swedish singer,[1] and glamour model. Today she is one of Scandinavia's most successful glamour models.[citation needed][according to whom?] Born in Ibiza, Spain, she is half-Spanish on her mother's side and fluent in Spanish, Swedish, and English.

Early life[edit]

Natacha knew early on what she wanted to do. At age 10 she had her first modeling job, a commercial for H&M. Several other commercials followed.

Although she got her first breast implants at 17, after insisting that her father permit it, she said in an interview that if she had a 17-year-old daughter she would never allow her to get implants.[2][3] She had craved implants to raise her self-esteem, as she had been so thin while "all her friends" had curves. She reports that her mother was not happy when she found out about her daughter's augmentation work.[4]


Natacha has appeared in magazines including Moore, Slitz, and Playboy; she has also appeared in several commercials. In 2005 she participated in the Swedish reality show Paradise Hotel on Swedish TV4.[5] In 2006 one of her breast implants burst while having sex with her boyfriend.[6] Later she mentioned the possibility of selling them on eBay, although she added that they are now "withered".[6] She went on to pay 49,000 SEK for two new implants.[6] She had previously mentioned the possibility of having a breast reduction, but decided to continue with 430 g implants, arguing that on Playboy Mansion(in reference to Hugh Hefner's 80th birthday party that she was going to attend), everyone else had larger breasts than she did.[6] Natacha has also done appearances in TV shows like "Dolce Vita" and "Outsiders" on Kanal5 in Sweden,[7] discussing "How It Is To Live With Big Breasts And To Earn Money With Them".[8] In 2007 she had her implants replaced with smaller ones. According to newspaper Aftonbladet she said: "It is totally insane to go around with these big implants".[9] On her blog she stated that she replaced the implants with smaller ones, instead of removing all silicone, because her breasts have been too stretched and would be saggy without implants. To Expressen she explained the reduction thus: "I want people to see me, not my breast" and "I really feel ashamed on the beach. People look as if I was a porn star. I want to be a normal girl...".[10]


  • TNT (2006)


  • In Control (2008)


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