Natadreeswarar Temple

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Natadreeswarar Temple
Coordinates11°16′27″N 77°48′02″E / 11.2741784°N 77.8005477°E / 11.2741784; 77.8005477Coordinates: 11°16′27″N 77°48′02″E / 11.2741784°N 77.8005477°E / 11.2741784; 77.8005477
StateTamil Nadu
LocationBetween Kangeyampalayam and Patlur
SanctumAgastheeswarar, Shiva
ArchitectureSouth Indian, Temple

Natadreeswarar Temple is one of the devoted Hindu temples dedidated to Lord Shiva, located on hillock island inside the River Kaveri, near the city of Erode, on Erode-Karur Highways.


To get rid of any kind of Dhosam', Agasthiar made a Lingam out of sand, placed it on the hillock in the middle of the river Cauvery, garlanded the Lingam with his Rudhratcha Malai and sat in deep meditation.

It was believed that meditation would be disturbed at the dawn of the new year. On the first day of "Chithirai" – Tamil New year day – Agasthiar was disturbed from his meditation and he tried to remove his Rudhratcha Malai from the Lingam. Then he heard the holy voice of Lord Shiva asking him not to disturb the present setup and telling him that he went there not only to bless him alone but also his devotees and whoever goes there and worships him.

Thus Lord Shiva established himself on the hillock situated in the middle of the river Kavery in Kangeyampalayam near Erode, Tamil Nadu, India.

Later Agasthiar went to the south and finished his assigned work. He prepared an herbal tablet. On consuming the tablet he could present himself in any place he wanted to go. Using such power he came again to the hillock where he was welcomed and blessed by none other than Lord Muruga.

About 3000 years ago Chola kings constructed the temple and named the deity as Agastheeswarar. The Athee tree located inside the temple is believed to be 3000 years old. Devotees throng this temple in thousands on Tamil New Year day and offer prayers to Him to get His blessings.


The temple constructed on the hillock island is situated in the middle of the river Cauvery - middle not only breadthwise but also lengthwise (at the center between Kudagu, where the river originates and Bay of Bengal at Kaveripoompattinam).


The Temple is well connected with City bus services to Erode. All the city buses running in-between Central Bus Terminus and Pasur will make a stop at Kangeyampalayam.

And from the banks of Cauvery, Ferry boat Services are available to the temple, as well as to the other bank of the river from Patlur village ,Tiruchengode Taluk Namakkal District

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