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The One Scotland Gazetteer is an address dataset that is published by the Scottish Government. It is compiled using information from all 32 Scottish councils, produced to common standards and specification.


In 2000 the Scottish Executive set up a Modernising Government Fund to improve public services. In 2002 a proposal was made around Definitive National Addressing for Scotland (DNA Scotland), with all 32 Scottish councils involved. The project was aimed at producing common standards and to establish corporate address gazetteers within each local authority.[1] The gazetteer began in 2003 as the National Gazetteer for Scotland.[2] In 2007 it was re-named to 'One Scotland Gazetteer'.

The database is used by the wider Scottish public sector, such as for planning and for the National Landlord Registration Scheme.[3]


Local Authorities have statutory obligations in regard to planning, building control and street naming and numbering in Scotland, they are the source of definitive address information in their local government area and also the source of any change element about land or property.

The INSPIRE Directive of the European Union came into force in 2007, which introduced formal requirements around Spatial data infrastructure, which the Scottish Parliament then legislated for in 2009.[4]

Data from the One Scotland Gazetteer complies with the BS7666 standard[5] and is included in the British National Address Gazetteer.[6]


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