National Professional Basketball League (1950–51)

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This article is about the original National Professional Basketball League. See National Professional Basketball League (2007–2008) for information on an unrelated league.
National Professional Basketball League (1950–51)
Sport Basketball
Founded 1950
Ceased 1951
Commissioner Doxie Moore
No. of teams 8
Country  United States

National Professional Basketball League was a professional basketball league in the United States from 1950-1951, serving as a successor league to the National Basketball League that operated from 1937 to 1949. Sheboygan, Anderson, and Waterloo all had been members of the NBL and NBA prior to joining the NPBL. The league played just one season, with no championship finals ever being staged. Grand Rapids, Kansas City, Louisville and Saint Paul all disbanded during the season; Denver moved to Evansville. The Sheboygan Redskins and Waterloo Hawks both claimed the championship because they were each in first in their divisions at the end of the season but they never met in a playoff series.

Eastern Division[edit]

Western Division[edit]