New Zealand Medical Students' Association

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New Zealand Medical Students' Association
Logo of New Zealand Medical Students' Association.png
Location New Zealand
Established 1972
President Kieran Bunn
Members c. 2,000

The New Zealand Medical Students' Association Incorporated (NZMSA) is the peak representative body for all medical students in New Zealand. The NZMSA executive is composed of representatives that are elected from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin medical schools. NZMSA represents medical students on many levels, from Universities to Government representation.[1]


Membership is open to students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) degree at either the University of Otago or the University of Auckland in New Zealand.


The President is elected annually by the NZMSA Executive and holds the position for one year. Any member is eligible to run for the position of President. The current president is Kieran Bunn.

Previous Presidents[edit]

  • 2003: Brandon Adams
  • 2004: Jess Allen
  • 2005: Jesse Gale
  • 2006: Xaviour Walker
  • 2007: Nick Fancourt
  • 2008: Anna Dare
  • 2009: William Perry
  • 2010: Elizabeth Carr
  • 2011: Oliver Hansby
  • 2012: Michael Chen-Xu
  • 2013: Phillip Chao
  • 2014: Marise Stuart
  • 2015: Elizabeth Berryman
  • 2016: Mike Fleete
  • 2017: Kieran Bunn


NZMSA issues two awards per year to a nominated member of the association. The awards are the NZMSA President's Award for Individual Excellence and the NZMSA Award for Best New Student Initiative.

NZMSA President's Award for Individual Excellence[edit]

This is awarded to "a student who makes an outstanding contribution to the medical student body, recognised for creative problem solving; inspiring their peers and others around them; and their energy and enthusiasm for medicine, education and their community".[2]

Previous Recipients[edit]

NZMSA Award for Best New Student Initiative[edit]

This is awarded to "an individual or group of students who have started the most innovative and successful project for that preceding academic year".[2]

Previous Recipients[edit]

Annual conference[edit]

Each year, the New Zealand Medical Students' Association holds a conference which brings together medical students from all around the country.

The location of the conference varies from year to year. In 2011, the conference was held in Auckland.

NZMSA Sports Exchange[edit]

The annual NZMSA Sports Exchange was established in 2010. Teams from each of the four medical schools in New Zealand compete in a variety of sports.

Previous winners[edit]

  • 2010: The University of Otago, Dunedin
  • 2011: The University of Auckland

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