Newspaper documentation of the Assyrian genocide

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This page contains a brief list of press headlines relevant to the Assyrian genocide in chronological order, as recorded in newspaper archives.

Headlines from Newspapers Date Page
Report Christians in Peril in Turkey, The New York Times November 12, 1914
Massacred by Kurds. Christians Unable to Flee from Urmia Put to Death, Washington Post March 14, 1915 p. 10
Turks Advise Christians to Flee. Fear of General Massacre in Constantinople if Allied Fleet Passes Dardanelles. The New York Times January 11, 1915
Christians in Great Peril. Talaat Bey Declares That There is Room Only for Turks in Turkey. The New York Times January 13, 1915
U.S. Aappeal to Turks, The Washington Post March 25, 1915 p. 2
Massacres Kept Up. 20,000 Christians Killed or Missing in Persia. Washington Post March 26, 1915 p. 1
More Violence by Turks, Los Angeles Times March 27, 1915 p. II-1
Christians in Danger. Fearing New Massacre by Kurds, State Department Acts, Washington Post March 27, 1915 p. 1
Dragged Out to Die, The Washington Post March 27, 1915 p. 5
Native Christians Massacred; Frightful Atrocities in Persia, Los Angeles Times April 2, 1915 p. I-1
Turks Kill Hundreds. More than 700 Christians Slain and Mutilated at Haftdewan. 800 Victims in Urumiah. Washington Post April 2, 1915
Fled Kurd Massacres, The Washington Post April 4, 1915 p. 3
40 Die Daily in Mission. Mortality Among 10,000 Refugees at Urumiah Appalling. Washington Post April 11, 1915 p.R4
Turks Kill Christians, The Washington Post April 25, 1915 p. 1
Kurds Massacre More Armenians. Flight from Persia-Full of Suffering for Those Who Escaped the Sword. The New York Times April 26, 1915
Says Turks Aided Recent Massacres, The New York Times April 29, 1915
Await Epulsion of Kurds. Thousands of Christians Want to Return to Persia, The New York Times May 2, 1915
People Flee From Kurds. Thousands of Assyrians Are Forced from Homes, Los Angeles Times May 3, 1915 p. I-2
Kill 10,000 Christians, The Washington Post May 16, 1915 p. 15
Urumiah Massacres. Death of 12,000 Nestorian Christians, The Times (London) October 9, 1915
Turkish Horrors in Persia, New York Times October 11, 1915
The Assassination of a Race, The Independent October 18, 1915
25,000 Syrians Starving, The New York Times October 30, 1915
Decline of Ancient Assyrian Church. Results of Kurdish Tyranny. The Times (London) November 13, 1915
What Father Dakras Saw of Massacres in Turkey, Washington Post November 28, 1915 p.M5-8
Paul Shimmon, The Plight of Assyria. Needs of Christian and Kurd in That War-Ravaged Country. The New York Times September 18, 1916 p.12
H.P. Packard, Letter to the editor, New York Times September 18, 1916 p.12
Relief Is Urged for Assyrians, The Los Angeles Times November 13, 1916 p.13
Murder of Mar Shimun, The New York Times April 15, 1918
Morgenthau Urges Carving of Turkey, The Los Angeles Times December 12, 1918 p.I1
Syrian Tells of Atrocities, Los Angeles Times December 15, 1918 p.I-1
Assyro-Chaldean Delegation to Paris to Plead for a State, The Times (London) March 19, 1919
President Appeals for Help for Armenians and Syrians, The Wall Street Journal October 29, 1917 p.3
Chaldean Victims of the Turks, The Times (London) November 22, 1919 p.11
Assyrians’ War Sufferings, The Times (London) June 15, 1920
Paul Shimmun, Assyrian Immigration, The New York Times June 4, 1922 p.105
Morgenthau Calls for Check on Turks; Says Their Devilish Scheme for Annihilation of Other Races Must Not Go On September 5, 1922 p.3
Allies Abandoning Minorities' Cause," The New York Times January 10, 1923 p. 4
Better Feeling in Conference, The New York Times January 10, 1923 p. 4
Greater Tension Felt at Lausanne, The New York Times January 21, 1923 p. 2
George Seldes, Chaldeans Outraged as Massacred by Turks, Los Angeles Times October 25, 1925 p. 1
Turkish Atrocities Shock the League. Britain Gets Mosul. The New York Times December 16, 1925 p. 1
Bishops Protest Treaty with Turks, New York Times April 5, 1926 p. 21

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