Nice Girls Don't Explode

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Nice Girls Don't Explode
Nice girls dont explode.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Chuck Martinez
Produced by Douglas Curtis
Written by Paul Harris
Starring Barbara Harris
Michelle Meyrink
William O'Leary
Wallace Shawn
James Nardini
Music by Brian Banks
Anthony Marinelli
Cinematography Stephen M. Katz
Edited by Wende Phifer Mate
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release date
April 3, 1987
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $60,000

Nice Girls Don't Explode is a 1987 independently made American comedy film produced by Douglas Curtis, directed by Chuck Martinez, and starring Barbara Harris, Michelle Meyrink, William O'Leary, Wallace Shawn, and James Nardini. The film was released by New World Pictures.


April Flowers (Michelle Meyrink) is kept away from boys by her overprotective mother (Barbara Harris) because flames have a tendency to spontaneously erupt whenever her hormones are aroused; for April, "protection" on a dinner date is carrying a fire extinguisher. As her mother explains, April is a "fire girl," whose very unstable body chemistry causes spontaneous combustion when she is aroused. As such, the only men April meets more than once are firefighters.

When April reconnects with Andy (William O'Leary), a former neighbor who has returned to April's life, he challenges April's and her mother's assumption and presses his luck to prove to her that her hormones are not, in fact, explosive. Hijinks result; as Andy tries to prove his point and get the girl, he is thwarted at every turn by April's mother. Further complications ensue when April befriends a lonely, obsessive pyromaniac named "Ellen" (Wallace Shawn), who becomes incensed at the constant mishearing of his real name "Ellen" for "Helen," after which he throws BIC lighter-flicking snits, trying to set his tormentors ablaze.


At least part of the film was shot or produced in the cities of Lawrence, Kansas, Ottawa, Kansas, and Overland Park, Kansas.[1]

Box office[edit]

Nice Girls Don't Explode had a domestic box-office total of only $65,000.[2]


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