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Bus icon
OwnerTransport for NSW
LocaleSydney, Australia
Transit typeBus
Number of lines14
Number of stations120
Began operation18 June 1989 (1989-06-18)

NightRide, also Nightride, is a network of bus routes in operation between midnight and 4.30am in Sydney, Australia. The thirteen routes are run by bus operators as listed below and allow for a nightly shutdown of the Sydney Trains commuter rail network. The NightRide network was established in mid-1989 as low-patronage late-night train services were progressively withdrawn.[1][2] Services follow major roads, and some stops are some distance from the railway stations they replace. In addition, some routes serve stations on multiple railway lines. In the city, most services depart from George Street, above Town Hall station.

Normal bus fares apply to NightRide journeys.[3]

The suspension of train services overnight allows for maintenance to occur on tracks. Passengers reportedly feel safer on buses than mostly-empty trains late at night. However, in 2014, it was reported that patronage on most NightRide routes was falling. The Tourism and Transport Forum has called for 24-hour train operations to resume.[2]


The first NightRide routes, to Riverwood, Campbelltown and Sutherland, commenced in June 1989. Services to Penrith, Hornsby and Cronulla began two months later.[4] New services were introduced to Bondi Junction in 2009; and Carlingford and Richmond in 2011.

A city loop route, called N1, was established in 2000 and cancelled two years later.[5]

New contracts for all routes commenced 1 March 2018 with a number of routes going to different operators. The routes then became normal commuter routes under the administration of Transport for NSW instead of Sydney Trains. Changes included N100 Railway Square to Bondi Junction which commenced in 2009 ceasing, replaced by route N91 in conjunction with frequency changes to some routes.[6]

From 23 August 2020, two additional routes, N31 and N92 were introduced, and all N71 services standardised to operate to Richmond.[7]


As from 24 January 2021 the network consists of[3]

Route Origin/destination Replaces Operator Introduced
N10 Town Hall to Sutherland T4 Illawarra Line State Transit Authority 1989
N11 Town Hall to Cronulla T4 Illawarra Line State Transit Authority 1989
N20 Town Hall to Riverwood T8 Airport Line Punchbowl Bus Company 1989
N30 Town Hall to Macarthur T8 Airport Line, T3 Bankstown Line Transdev NSW 1989
N31 Liverpool to Leppington T2 Leppington Line, T5 Cumberland Line Hillsbus 2020
N40 Town Hall to East Hills T8 Airport Line, T3 Bankstown Line Transdev NSW 1989
N50 Town Hall to Liverpool T2 Inner West Line, T3 Bankstown Line Hillsbus 1989
N60 Town Hall to Fairfield T8 South Line Hillsbus 1989
N61 Town Hall to Carlingford T6 Carlingford Line Hillsbus 2011
N70 Town Hall to Penrith T1 Western Line Hillsbus 1989
N71 Town Hall to Richmond T1 Western Line Hillsbus 2011
N80 Town Hall to Hornsby (via Strathfield) T9 Northern Line State Transit Authority 1989
N81 Town Hall to Parramatta (via Olympic Park) T1 Western Line State Transit Authority 2018
N90 Town Hall to Hornsby (via Chatswood) T1 North Shore Line State Transit Authority 1989
N91 Bondi Junction to Macquarie Park T4 Eastern Suburbs Line, T1 North Shore Line State Transit Authority 2018
N92 Town Hall to Tallawong M1 Metro North West Hillsbus 2020


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