Night 'n' Gales

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Night 'n' Gales
Night n gales TITLE.JPEG
Title card
Directed by Gordon Douglas
Produced by Hal Roach
Music by Leroy Shield
Marvin Hatley
Cinematography Art Lloyd
Edited by William H. Ziegler
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
  • July 24, 1937 (1937-07-24)
Running time
10' 43"
Country United States
Language English

Night 'n' Gales is a 1937 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Gordon Douglas. It was the 156th Our Gang short (157th episode, 68th talking short, and 69th talking episode that was released.


Though he would rather spend his evening in peace and quiet, Mr. Hood (Johnny Arthur) is forced to endure the offkey harmonizing of The Four Nightengales, a junior singing aggregation composed of Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat and Porky.

After interminable choruses of "Home! Sweet Home!", the four boys are finally ready to leave, but are forced to stay in the Hood home due to a sudden thunderstorm. Both Darla and her mother are delighted, but Mr. Hood is dismayed, especially when he is told that he must share his bed with the Four Nightengales. Driven crazy by the boys' unintentionally disruptive shenanigans, Mr. Hood escapes to the living room and tries to sleep on the couch, covering himself with a bear rug to keep warm. Naturally, the gang mistake him for a real bear, and comic chaos ensues.[1]


Comedian Johnny Arthur, who played Spanky McFarland's absent-minded father in Anniversary Trouble, returns as Darla's father in Night 'n' Gales. He was so popular with audiences that he played Darla's father once again in Feed 'em and Weep.


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