Nikifor Mran'ka

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Nikifor Mran'ka
Born (1901-07-09)July 9, 1901
Pileshkasy village, Russia
Died February 20, 1973(1973-02-20) (aged 71)
Chuvashia, USSR
Pen name Nikifor Mran'ka
Occupation Writer
Language Chuvash, Russian
Nationality Chuvash

Nikifor Mran'ka (Chuvash and Russian: Никифор Мранька) – is a Chuvash writer and playwright. He was born on July 9, 1901 in Pileshkasy, which is a village in the Kozlovsky District, Chuvash Republic. He was part of the USSR Union of Writers in 1939, fought during the Russian Civil War and World War II. He died on February 20, 1973.[1]


After finishing elementary school in a rural area, he began a course for continuity writers in Moscow.

He participated in the Russian Civil War. After returning from war, he worked as chairman of the village council.

In 1928, his first drama, Elnet was performed at the Chuvash theater in Cheboksary. Later works included Тӳнтерлене хирĕç (Against an ambiguity) and "Виççĕшĕ те пĕр калăпран (All three one test). Nikifor Fyodorovich also worked as the director of a newsreel and as the editor of the regional newspaper.

He served during World War II on the front lines. Afterward, he served as the longtime head of the Department of Propaganda and Propagation of the Kozlovsky District Party Committee. For excellence in literature he was awarded the Certificate of Honour of Presidium of the Supreme Body Chuvash АССР (1971).

Famous works[edit]

  • Итлĕр! – Listen! (drama, 1930);
  • Пĕрремĕш категори – high category (comedy, 1932)
  • Элнет – Elnet (drama, 1933);
  • Салют – Salute (play, 1936);
  • Аван пурăнатпăр – Good life (play, 1938);
  • Бурлаксем (drama, 1941);
  • Ĕмĕр сакки сарлака – Life is life (novel, I- 1959, 1965, 1989; II- 1960, 1967, 1989; III- 1961, 1971, IV- 1971, V- 1980);
  • Юратнă чĕресем – Loving hearts (1962);


Mran'ka Street in Cheboksary is named after him.


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