Ishkhan (fedayi)

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Van 1915.png
The ARF leaders in Van. From left to right: Harutyun, Aram Manukian, Ishkhan and Sogho
Birth name Nikoghayos Poghos Mikaelian
Nickname(s) Ishkhan
Born 1881
Died 1915 (aged 33–34)
Van, Van Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Years of service ?—1915
Battles/wars Armenian National Liberation Movement
Khanasor Expedition
Siege of Van

Ishkhan (Armenian: Իշխան, "prince"; 1883 – 1915), born Nikoghayos Mikayelian, and also known as Nigol,[1] was an Armenian fedayi, a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.[2] Along with Aram Manukian and Arshak Vramian, he was a leading figure in Van just before and during the early stages of World War I.[3] He was killed on 17 April 1915 just before the Turks besieged Van.[4]


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