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Niš tram
Transit typeTram
Began operationNovember 16, 1930
Ended operationAugust 10, 1958

The Niš tram system was a tram system in Niš, Serbia. It was in operation between November 16, 1930, to August 10, 1958.


The tram was built thanks to money from Germany, for war reparations from World War I. The sum of 21,274,928 dinars paid for the costs of installing rail, trams and the tram station. Along with this, two power plants were built and the electricity grid was expanded.

The tram went from the train station to Niška Banja. During operations the system transported a total of approximately 7,658,000 passengers.


In 1956 the traffic director of the municipality Niš said that the trams will be gotten rid of. In 1958, fifteen trams were removed out of service and sold. Buses replaced trams in a ceremony on August 10.

Today, two bus lines (Ledena Stena - Ćele kula and Železnička stanica - Niška Banja) go where the tram used to go.[1]

Future plans[edit]

In late 2009, the city of Niš developed plans bring back a tram line. The streets of General Milojko Lešjanin and part of Voždova street could become pedestrian only streets. If this is done, then there would be room for trams, even in the center of the city. The ecological benefits would be significant, as the buses along this route produce some 21 tons of CO2.[2]

Results of a survey of 3,000 people in Niš show that some 88.7 percent of the surveyed would like to see a tram line in the city.[3]


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