No Gravity (video game)

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No Gravity
No Gravity PC title screen
Developer(s) realtech VR
Publisher(s) realtech VR / Anozor (PSN)
Producer(s) Vincent Black / S. Rubens (PSN)
Designer(s) R. Genevois
Platform(s) iOS, HP webOS, Android, PSP, Mac OS X
Release 1990s, February 2005[1] (open source)
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player
Screenshot of the classic PC version

NoGravity is a space flight simulation and space shooter[2] developed by realtech VR,[3] a Montreal based, French Canadian computer games company. The game was ported to many platforms over the years as it was open sourced in 2005. NoGravity drew comparisons with the Wing Commander series.[4]


No Gravity is a 3D space shooter which allows players to control a spaceship from the first-person or third-person perspective. The object is to accomplish missions, with diverse objectives ranging from destroying enemy ships or bases, escorting allied ships, raiding ground bases, clearing mine fields, etc.


NoGravity originates from a 1990s realtech VR BeOS game called SpaceGirl, which was later renamed to NoGravity.[5][6]

Open source[edit]

On February 16, 2005 realtech VR open sourced NoGravity with the creation of a Sourceforge repository.[5] The source code and assets of the classic NoGravity are released under the terms of the GPLv2 license,[7][8] making the game freeware and free and open source software. The game was made available for Windows XP, AmigaOS, Linux, macOS, and BeOS.

The game was ported by the community as homebrew game to the PSP and was popular there.[9] In 2014 a port of the classic version on the OpenPandora handheld followed.[10]

Extended mobile versions[edit]

In 2009 an extended official PSP port was released, named No Gravity: The Plague of Mind to differentiate this version from the "classic" dubbed older version.[11] In 2011 an iOS port followed, in 2013 releases for Windows mobile and OUYA.


The game was offered by multiple websites as freeware download and reviewed several times over the years.[9][12][11][3][2][13]

The classic No Gravity was downloaded via Sourceforge alone between 2005 and May 2017 over 270,000 times.[14]

Metacritic rated the PSP version with 65% from eight reviews.[15]


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