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Nome Public Schools
Nome, Alaska
United States
District information
Grades PK12
Superintendent Shawn Arnold
Budget $14,500,000
Students and staff
Students 720
Teachers 65
Other information
Schedule August–May

Nome Public Schools (NPS), also known as the Nome City School District, is the school district serving the city of Nome, Alaska. The district has one of the highest efficiencies in Western Alaska. The current superintendent of the district is Shawn Arnold.[1]

Though public schools have existed in Nome since 1902, the present-day school district exists mostly to fulfill the obligation that first-class cities in the Unorganized Borough have under state law to provide education and planning/zoning functions within their cities. As such, it is separate from the Bering Strait School District which serves the smaller communities of the surrounding area.

NPS oversees five schools: two traditional grade-based schools (one for elementary grades and one for junior and senior high school grades), plus a charter magnet school, a correspondence program and a school program located in Nome Youth Facility. These five schools have a total enrollment of approximately 720 students, with enrollment per school ranging from 15 to 375.[2]


The district's lineage extends to the establishment of the City of Nome in 1901.

The first local school in Nome was officially established in 1902.[3]

Historic Superintendent List[4][5][edit]

Past NPS Superintendents
Superintendent Year
James A. Riley 1901–1902
Will Henry 1902–1903
D. W. Jarvis 1903–1905
Professor D.H. Traphagen 1905–1907
Professor Edgar E. Grimm 1907–1911
Frank Xavier Karrer 1911–1914
C.W. Baird 1914–1916
Charles W. Thompson 1916–1918
Emma Lee Orr 1918–1920
Mrs. Frederick Bockman 1920–1921
T. Collins 1921–1922
Lars E. Rynning 1922–1925
D.W. Davis 1925–1926
Leo W. Breuer 1926–1928
Luther Dunbar 1928–1930
E.J. Beck 1930–1934
William H. Bloom 1934–1936
Calvin E. Pool 1936–1939
A.A. Ryan 1939
Frank Allen Smola 1944
William L. Angell 1944–1951
Oliver G. Boe 1951–1952
William L. Angell 1952–1959
Darroll Hargraves 1974–1981
Larry LaBolle 1981–1987
Robert Shigley 1987–1989
Donald Darling 1989–1990
Larry LaBolle/Bob Kinna 1990–1991
Bob Kinna 1991–1999
Karen Ligon 1999–2000
Sharon Swope 2000–2001
Stan Lujan 2001–2008
Rick Luthi 2008–2009
Jon Wehde 2009–2011
Mike Brawner 2011–2013
Steve Gast 2013–2014
Shawn Arnold 2014 – present


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