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Awarded by Norway
Eligibility Norwegian and foreign members of the military
Awarded for Participating in a meritorious way in the Second World War for Norway
Status Still awarded
Clasps If the medal is earned more than once up to three stars may be attached to the ribbon.
Established 23 May 1941
Next (higher) St Olavs medal with Oak Branch
Next (lower) Armed Forces Medal for Heroic Deeds
Krigsmedaljen stripe.svg
Norwegian War Medal ribbon

The War Medal (Norwegian: Krigsmedaljen) is a Norwegian war decoration for service during Second World War.[1]


The Norwegian War Medal was instituted by King Haakon VII of Norway by Royal Decree on 23 May 1941 with the addition of the Royal Decree of 13 November 1942. It may be awarded to Norwegian and foreign members of the military who in a meritorious way have participated in the Second World War for Norway. The War Medal may also awarded posthumously to all Norwegians and foreigners who fought in the Norwegian forces and merchant marine and fell for the Norwegian Resistance.

The distribution ceased in 1951, but in 1979 it was determined by Royal decree that this medal was to be awarded Norwegian and foreign seamen who served on Norwegian Shipping and Trade Mission (Nortraship) vessels during World War II for 18 months, or on board Royal Norwegian Navy vessels.


The obverse side of the medal features the portrait of King Haakon VII of Norway, his name and motto Alt for Norge. The reverse features a wreath, the inscription Krigsmedalje and the king's monogram. The medal is in bronze and the ribbon is in the colours of the Royal Standard: red and yellow. If a recipient earns the medal more than once, up to three stars may be attached to the ribbon. Along with the medal comes with a certificate, signed by the king. The medal was first produced at the firm Spink & Son in London.[2]

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