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Not Back To School Camp (NBTSC) is a summer camp founded in 1996 by Grace Llewellyn, the author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook. NBTSC offers support to teenagers age 13 to 18 most of whom are active unschoolers or are pursuing alternative avenues of secondary or higher education. The camp has no religious affiliation. As of 2014, the camp offers about four annual sessions, which are one-to-two weeks long and take place at venues in Oregon, Vermont, and California. Typically, sessions are directed by Llewellyn and attended by about 100 campers plus an eclectic staff who come from all over the U.S., Canada, and other countries.

Camp mission[edit]

"Not Back to School Camp aspires to create a sanctuary

  • that affirms, inspires, and mentors unschoolers of all backgrounds and cultures…
  • where campers and staff transform spiritually, emotionally, physically, creatively, intellectually…
  • where profound friendships begin and grow…
  • and where adventure, mystery, music, wild spontaneous fun, and magic prevail."

Camp culture[edit]

Not Back to School Camp encourages a high level of engagement and collaboration from campers and staff. Unique to many summer camps, campers are given a large amount of freedom and responsibility throughout the camp session. Campers determine their participation in activities and co-create the camp week by organizing and hosting workshops based on their interests and passions. Most days are filled with simultaneously occurring camper and staff run workshops, which vary in subject matter and often include sports, games, how-to's, discussions, crafts, hikes, mellow activities, or other projects. Camper "committees" organize large group events such as the "prom", concert, talent shows, bonfires, group bonding activities and more.

In 2010, one former camper made a short video about the camp titled "Not Back to School Camp: A Glance Within." The video can be viewed on the camp's official website at

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