Notorious (motorcycle club)

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Notorious MC
Notorious Mc Germany Patch.jpg
Founding locationWuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Years active2013- now
TerritoryGermany, Canada, England, Spain
Membership100 - 150

Notorious is an outlaw motorcycle club based in Germany. Its emblem a split head of a Gangster, one half a human face, the other half a skull that symbolizes on one side the family life from the past, and on the other side loyalty to the death.[1]

They had been fighting with other motorcycle gangs in their areas.

There was another outlaw motorcycle club called Notorious based out of Australia who were existing until 2012.



The Club was founded in Germany by three friends, with the La Mesa Charter being opened in August 2013, along with a Nomads Charter around the same time. The club would then go on to establish further Charters in Germany over the years that followed.

The club expanded outside of the Germany in 2015, opening a Nomads Charter in Canada.

In 2017 the group moved to England, where they formed the London Charter.

They are largely an independent club, with no known strong ties to any major clubs.[2]


The exact number of Notorious members is unknown to police but sources claim the gang has up to 100 - 150 active members.