Nour Eddine (singer)

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نور الدين
Nourredine Lakhmari et Younes Bouab.png
Nourredine Lakhmari (left) and Younes Bouab (fr) in 2013
Born Morocco
Nationality Moroccan
Occupation Instrumentalist, singer, choreographer, film director

Nour-Eddine (Arabic: نور الدين‎) is a Moroccan instrumentalist, singer, choreographer and film director.


Based in Italy, Nour-Eddine has been involved in various groups specializing in ethnic, traditional music of the desert, with whom he has performed both in Italy and abroad. These collaborators include Azahara, Desert Sound and Jajouka.

Also a filmmaker, Nour-Eddine's most famous movie was the award-winning Casanegra.




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