Nuclear Winter (The Lonely Forest album)

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Nuclear Winter
Studio album by The Lonely Forest
Released August 4, 2007
Recorded In-home Studio, Anacortes, Washington
Genre Rock, alternative rock, indie rock
Label none
Producer Sam Winston and The Lonely Forest
The Lonely Forest chronology
Regicide (EP)
Nuclear Winter
We Sing The Body Electric!

Nuclear Winter is the first full-length album by The Lonely Forest. It was released on August 4, 2007. It was produced by Sam Winston and The Lonely Forest.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Prelude"
  2. "Stars and Moons" (In which our hero questions life on Earth and envisions Cygnus)
  3. "Malthusian Trap" (Concerning mankind's rapid growth in population)
  4. "Hangman" (In which our hero's love interest loses her son)
  5. "Lessons in Miscommunication" part 1 (The lonely hero)
  6. "Wisemans Warning" (In a predetermined meeting, our hero is warned of Earth's imminent destruction)
  7. "Leader Holding His Eyes" (The Wiseman's thoughts on Earth's depleting beauty and arrogant leadership)
  8. "Flight of the Swan"
  9. "Cygnus" (The decision to leave promptly)
  10. "Nuclear Winter" (In which our hero watches earth disappear through his starship window)
  11. "Idiocy" (Cabin feverrrrrrrrrrrrr)
  12. "Soil, Silt and Clay" (A love poem written in the back of a cold, grey spaceship)
  13. "Lessons in Miscommunication" part 2 (The weary hero loses hope)
  14. "The Secret" (Concerning the tyrannous power that ultimately lead to Earth's destruction)
  15. "Of The Deepest Reflections" (Our hero's last thoughts before teleporting through Cygnus X-1)