Oakland Cemetery (Sag Harbor, New York)

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Oakland Cemetery
CountryUnited States
Coordinates40°59′33″N 72°17′37″W / 40.9923919°N 72.29374129999997°W / 40.9923919; -72.29374129999997
Size37 acres (15 ha)
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Oakland Cemetery is a public, not-for-profit cemetery located in the village Sag Harbor, New York. It was founded in 1840 and currently sits on 26 acres bounded by Jermain Ave to the north, Suffolk St to the east, and Joels Ln to the west. It is the permanent resting place of over 4,000 people, including more 18th and 19th century sea captains than in any other Long Island cemetery. It was incorporated in 1884.[1]


Prior to the opening of Oakland Cemetery in 1840, Sag Harbor's most notable cemetery was the Old Burial Ground, opened in 1767 on the corner of Union and Madison Streets next to the First Presbyterian Church.[2] At total of 17 veterans of the American Revolution and one representative to the New York Provincial Congress of 1775 are buried there.[3] Unfortunately, years of neglect left the Old Burial Ground in a state of disrepair.[4]

In 1840 Oakland Cemetery was founded, covering just 4 acres, enclosed with stone posts and chestnut pickets. One-hundred-thirty-nine graves from the Old Burial Ground were moved to Oakland Cemetery, including Ebenezer Sage and Captain David Hand and his five wives.[5][6]

During the mid-1800s, in the center of the property which is now Oakland Cemetery, sat of a group of buildings known as Oakland Works. John Sherry had them built in 1850 to house his brass foundry. He soon took on a partner, Ephraim N. Byram, a clock maker and astronomer who was later buried in the cemetery. They enlarged the building to make room for Byram’s clock manufactory and named the place the Oakland Brass Foundry and Clock Works. The business was in operation for 12 years.

In 1863 the building was leased to Abraham DeBevoise and B. & F. Lyon for use as a stocking factory. In 1865 a second building and another bleach house were added to the property. This business closed after three years.

Over the next ten years two other industries occupied the Oakland Works. First, a barrel-head and stave factory owned by George Bush; then, a Morocco leather business owned by Morgan Topping.[7] Both proved unsuccessful.

A final attempt to operate a business on the site was made in 1880 when Edward Chapman Rogers opened the Oakland Hat Manufactory.[8][9] This venture also failed.

In 1882, unoccupied for almost two years, the old wooden structures caught fire and burned to the ground.[10] The site was purchased by Joseph Fahys and Stephen French and donated to the cemetery.[11][12]

In September 1884 the Oakland Cemetery Association purchased the remaining Oakland Works property for $400, adding a third section and extending the cemetery east to its present boundary at Suffolk St for a total of ten acres.[13]

In October 1903 the Ladies Village Improvement Society unveiled a new memorial gate[14]

Notable monuments[edit]

The Broken Mast Monument which commemorates all the whalers who were lost at sea

The Broken Mast Monument in Oakland Cemetery, sculpted by Robert Eberhard Launitz,[15] commemorates those "Who periled their lives in a daring profession and perished in actual encounter with the monsters of the deep."

Notable burials[edit]

Lorimer Stoddard Spalding Gray Prentice Mulford Alexandra Danilova Capt. Havens Capt. Howell Samuel Huntting

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