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Ocean Tomo is an intellectual property merchant bank that provides financial products and services, including expert testimony, valuation, research, ratings, investments, risk management, and transactions. They are headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA. They also have offices in Greenwich, San Francisco and Houston. Subsidiaries include Ocean Tomo Risk Management, LLC, Ocean Tomo Asset Management, LLC, OTI Data Networks, LLC, Patent Marking, LLC, and Ocean Tomo Capital, LLC. In addition, Ocean Tomo is the founder of the Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI). Their current Chairman and CEO is James E. Malackowski.[1][2]

Practice Groups[edit]

Expert Testimony



Risk Management




Ocean Tomo introduced the world's first public auctions of patents, trademarks and copyrights.[3] The auctions have also included business method patents and the rights to Jimi Hendrix's music recordings.[4] In 2009, the Ocean Tomo transactions division was acquired by ICAP through a newly created company, ICAP Ocean Tomo, later renamed ICAP Patent Brokerage.[5][6] Senior members of that Ocean Tomo transaction division now lead ICAP Patent Brokerage.[7][8]

Intellectual property stock index[edit]

Ocean Tomo has also pioneered the first stock index based on corporations whose overall market value is in large part due to the value of their patent portfolios. The index is called the "Ocean Tomo 300 Patent Index".[9] The index starts with the 1,000 most liquid securities on U.S. exchanges. Patent-owning companies in this group are divided into 50 style and size groups and ranked by patent value (divined by OT's proprietary PatentRatings® patent valuation system) divided by book value. The six highest ranking securities in each group are selected and weighted by market capitalization. The ranking system assumes that the patent's value is related to its owner's willingness to pay patent maintenance fees. The system reviews 53 factors in a patent document to estimate whether a patent would be renewed.[10][11] An ETF based on this index trades on AMEX.


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