Oceans of Kansas (book)

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Oceans Of Kansas
Author Michael J. Everhart
Language English
Genre Reference
Publisher Indiana University Press
Publication date
Pages 344 pp
ISBN 0-253-34547-2
OCLC 56982260
560/.457/09781 22
LC Class QE766 .E89 2005

Oceans Of Kansas is a book by Michael J. Everhart. It was published in 2005 by Indiana University Press. It has an award-winning,[1][2] concomitant website entitled Oceans of Kansas Paleontology.[3]


In Oceans of Kansas Everhart discusses the state of the land during the Late Cretaceous and earlier, when the area was covered with water. The geologic record shows that ancient lifeforms such as marine reptiles, pteranodons, and toothed birds inhabited the general area both in and out of the water. Everhart also covers the discovery of the fossils and geographic records as well as the competition between E. D. Cope and O. C. Marsh to collect them.


Oceans of Kansas has received multiple critical reviews,[4][5] with Jeffrey V. Yule stating that "Oceans of Kansas offers a well researched and often engaging account of the paleobiology of the Western Interior Seaway...".[6] Jonathan Hendricks noted that while the book's "intended audience is not entirely clear... as a needed summary of our knowledge about the fossils found in the Cretaceous rocks of western Kansas and elsewhere in the Great Plains, Everhart's book is a success."[7]


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