Oder–Havel Canal

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Oder-Havel Canal near Eberswalde
Ship lift Niederfinow

The Oder–Havel Canal is a German canal built between 1908 and 1914, originally known as the Hohenzollern Canal, mostly replacing the Finow Canal. Together with Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthaler Wasserstraße, the Oderhaltung and the Schwedter Querfahrt it forms the Havel-Oder-Wasserstraße. It runs from the town of Cedynia near the city of Szczecin on the Oder River between Germany and Poland to the Havel, a tributary of the Elbe, near Berlin. It is 82.8 kilometres (51.4 mi) long, and 33 metres (36 yd) wide.

In 1934 a ship lift was built on the canal, near Niederfinow.[1] It vertical lift was 36 metres (118 ft). The dimensions of the caisson are 85 x 12 x 2.5 m. It could lift vessels of up to 1000 tonnes displacement.


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