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Odor-Eaters is an American brand of foot-care products, specifically shoe insoles and foot powder, designed to reduce foot odor. The insoles are made of latex and contain activated carbon, which neutralizes odors.[1]

Herbert Lapidus invented the namesake insoles while employed as Combe Incorporated's head of a research and development. Combe already marketed Johnson's Foot Soap, so it introduced the product under the Johnson's brand in 1974. Combe extended the brand beyond insoles to include odor-reducing foot sprays.[2]

In 1981, Combe licensed Chipman-Union to manufacture socks under the Odor-Eaters brand name.[citation needed] The socks contained an odor inhibiting agent withstood laundering.[citation needed] Kmart and Walmart carried the socks.[citation needed] Production of the socks ended in 2011.[citation needed]

In 1988, Combe took over sponsorship of a national Rotten Sneakers Contest to promote its Odor-Eaters brand. A Vermont sporting goods store owner originated the event in 1979 to advertise athletic shoes.[3][4]

In January 2011, sold its foot care product line to Blistex Inc. Blistex continues to market the Odor-Eaters products and to sponsor the Rotten Sneakers Contest.


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