Odumase Krobo

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Odumase Krobo
Odumase Krobo is located in Ghana
Odumase Krobo
Odumase Krobo
Location of Odumase Krobo in Eastern Region, Ghana
Coordinates: 6°32′N 0°49′W / 6.533°N 0.817°W / 6.533; -0.817
Region Eastern Region
District Lower Manya Krobo District
Elevation 702 ft (214 m)
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) GMT (UTC)

Odumase Krobo[1] is a city and is the capital of Lower Manya Krobo district, a district in the Eastern Region of south Ghana.[2]


The Basel Mission ran a school in Odumase Krobo by 1857. The town became Manya Krobo's capital when Emmanuel Mate Kole was elected mayor in 1892.[3]


The town, famous for its glass beadmaking,[4] hosted the First Ghana International Beads Festival in August 2009.[5]


At the end of September the town hosts the seven-day Ngmayem festival.[6]


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Coordinates: 6°32′N 0°49′W / 6.533°N 0.817°W / 6.533; -0.817