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The Community Catholic Church of Canada (CCCC), formerly the Old Catholic Church of Canada, is a church with its Episcopal see based in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Like many other Old Catholic Churches, it is theologically liberal, based upon Roman Catholic and Anglican traditions.

The Community Catholic Church of Canada finds its roots in the tradition of the Old Catholic Church, a network of autonomous churches brought together in the Union of Utrecht (1889) after their break from the Roman Church because of innovations introduced by that church. Many also trace their origin from the many ethnic Eastern (Oriental) Catholic Churches which separated from the Church of Rome by the schism of 1054.

The Community Catholic Church of Canada traces its Apostolic Succession from the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands as well as the Syrian Orthodox Catholic Church of Antioch. The church arose from groups meeting in Hamilton beginning in 1934 which were affiliated with the Liberal Catholic Church and the North American Old Catholic Church.

The Old Catholic Church (now the CCCC) became autonomous in 1948 with the consecration of Bishop George Davis and was incorporated as an independent national church in 1960. The Most Reverend Deborah Vaughan is currently the Presiding Bishop. With clergy across Southern Ontario, the Church is growing and planning new ministries.

The Community Catholic Church of Canada recognizes seven sacraments, practices open communion and maintains the threefold ministry of bishops, priests, and deacons.

The CCCC grew out of the Old Catholic Diocese of Hamilton (founded in 1949 by Fr. William Henry Daw. Daw also founded at other points in his ministry the Independent Anglican Church Canada Synod and the Liberal Catholic Church of Ontario).


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