The Olsen Gang (film)

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The Olsen Gang
Theatrical poster
Directed byErik Balling
Written byHenning Bahs
Erik Balling
Produced byBo Christensen
StarringOve Sprogøe
Morten Grunwald
Poul Bundgaard
CinematographyJeppe Jeppesen
Claus Loof
Edited byOle Steen Nielsen
Distributed byNordisk Film
Release date
  • 11 October 1968 (1968-10-11)
Running time
80 minutes

The Olsen Gang (Danish: Olsen-banden) is a 1968 Danish comedy film directed by Erik Balling and starring Ove Sprogøe, Morten Grunwald, and Poul Bundgaard. This was the first film in the Olsen-banden-series.[1]


The plot involves the Olsen Gang as they plan to become millionaires. The film starts by Egon being arrested for trying to rob a store, while the others, Kjeld and Benny, run away. After Egon is set free, the gang plan on stealing a golden statue which is worth 12 million. After some planning, the gang sets the plan in action and steal the golden statue. On their way to the airport, their car runs out of gas and the police come take the car (with the statue in it). Constantly chased by Mortensen, they manage to get the statue back and hide it in Kjeld's daughter's pram. Unfortunately, Kjeld's wife Yvonne is mad at Kjeld for letting the family wait at the airport, as well as leaving the pram outside on the sidewalk and takes it away and plans on going back to her mother.

The gang now chases after Yvonne (with Mortensen on their tail) and finally succeed on getting the pram back. After almost getting caught, Egon makes a little speech, just before he realizes that the statue is not in the pram. Egon goes mad and leaves Benny and Kjeld behind while he chases after Yvonne. Kjeld and Benny however walk back home with the pram. It then turns out that Yvonne didn't go to her mother after all but came back to Kjeld while Benny is driven home by Ulla. Egon is caught by the police on the ferry where Yvonne was supposed to be. Two years later Egon is released and the gang continues to break the law by selling bananas outside the Copenhagen government building.



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