Once Upon a Coma

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Once Upon a Coma
  • Atmos Games
  • Serenity Forge
Designer(s)Thomas Brush
Artist(s)Thomas Brush
Composer(s)Thomas Brush
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
ReleaseHas Not Been Released Yet [1]

Once Upon a Coma is a psychological adventure game developed by American indie studios Atmos Games and Serenity Forge. The game is a sequel to Thomas Brush's flash game Coma, and was initially aimed for release on Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch in September 2018, and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2019.[1] However, creator Thomas Brush pushed back both dates to 2019 so he could perfect the game to meet expectations after Pinstripe.

The game will follow Pete who wakes from a strange coma and discovers things aren't exactly as they were. Children have overrun his hometown and all adults have vanished.[2]


A campaign for the game was held through Kickstarter with a funding goal of $25,000. The project ended raising $85,000, tripling its original goal.[1]

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