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IndustryInternet of Things
HeadquartersRome, Italy, Italy

OpenPicus is an Italian hardware company who designs and produce Internet of Things system on modules called Flyport. Flyport is open hardware and the openPicus framework and IDE are open software.
Flyport is a stand-alone system on module, no external processor is needed to create IoT applications.


OpenPicus was founded by Claudio Carnevali and Gabriele Allegria during 2011. The idea was to create a hardware and software open platform to speed up the development of professional IoT devices and services.

By the end of 2018, OpenPicus Wiki and all relative Open Hardware info dissapeared from internet as founders of OpenPicus now promote the brand name IOmote converting their knowledge to real business. Some old info (wiki, tutorials, etc) for OpenPicus boards can be recovered via Internet Archive Wayback Machine (


Flyport is a smart and connected system on modules for the Internet of Things. Flyport is powered by a powerful and light open source framework (based on FreeRTOS) that manages the TCP/IP software stack, the user application and the integrated web server'. Flyport is available in 3 pin compatible versions:

  1. FlyportPRO Wi-Fi 802.11g
  2. FlyportPRO GPRS quadband
  3. FlyportPRO Ethernet
Flyport modules

Flyport system on module is based on Microchip Technology PIC24 low power processor. It is used to connect and control systems over Internet through an embedded customizable web server or the standard TCP/IP services. The integrated microcontroller runs the customer application, so no host processor is needed. The pinout is very flexible since it is customizable by software.

Flyport can connect with several cloud servers such as Evrthng, Xively, ThingSpeak and many more.


Hardware: Schematics are released under CC-BY 3.0
Software: Framework is released under LGPL 3.0

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