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Option or Options may refer to:



Legal rights[edit]

  • Option (aircraft purchasing)
  • South Tyrol Option Agreement, a forced resettling contract between fascist Italy and Nazi Germany regarding the German-speaking inhabitants of South Tyrol
  • Option (filmmaking), a contractual agreement between a film producer and a writer, in which the producer obtains the right to buy a screenplay from the writer before a certain date.
  • Option (finance), an instrument that conveys the right, but not the obligation, to engage in a future transaction (for example, on some underlying security or on a parcel of real property), or in a futures contract
  • Option contract, a type of legal contract



  • Option (baseball), a baseball player who can be moved back and forth between major and minor league teams
  • Option offense, an offensive scheme in American football primarily predicated on option runs
  • Option run, a play in American and Canadian football

Other uses[edit]