Orava Magura

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Orava Magura

The Orava Magura (Slovak: Oravská Magura, Hungarian: Árvai-Magura) is a mountain range in the Žilina Region of northern central Slovakia. The range is part of the Central Beskids, which are themselves part of the Outer Western Carpathians.

The Orava Magura is a sandstone massif, densely forested, with primarily spruce and beech, with cultivated birch and hazel. The highest peak of the range is Minčol, 1394 meters, along with Paráč (1325 meters), Budín (1222 meters), and some others.

The most important tourist resorts include Tvrdošín, Zázrivá, and Dolný Kubín. The region is also home to the Horná Orava Protected Landscape Area.

Coordinates: 49°17′N 19°20′E / 49.283°N 19.333°E / 49.283; 19.333