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Anonym[o]us Valesianus is the conventional title of a compilation of two fragmentary vulgar Latin chronicles, named for its 17th-century editor, Henri Valois, or Henricus Valesius (1603–76), who published the text for the first time in 1636, together with his first printed edition of the Res Gestae of Ammianus Marcellinus. The texts exist only in a single ninth-century manuscript in Berlin.[1] They are sometimes referred to as the Excerpta Valesiani.

Anonymus Valesianus I, sometimes given the separate conventional title Origo Constantini Imperatoris ("The Lineage of the Emperor Constantine") possibly dates from around 390, and is generally regarded as providing a reliable source.[2]

Anonymus Valesianus II, written after 526 and probably between 540 and 550,[3] bears the heading item ex libris Chronicorum inter cetera. The text, which mostly deals with the reign of the Gothic king in Italy, Theodoric the Great, "while poorly written is based on a no longer extant chronicle by the bishop of Ravenna, Maximianus, a highly erudite and knowledgable scholar".[4]

The work was used by Edward Gibbon as a major source for the Roman perspective on the Ostrogothic period in his History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.[5]


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