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The Orion's Sword is an astronomical asterism in the constellation Orion. It comprises three stars (c, Theta, and Iota Orionis) situated under the prominent asterism, Orion's Belt. M42, the Orion Nebula is located in the center. Orion's sword points in a southerly direction, and is thought to resemble a sword or a scabbard.

Cicero[1] and Germanicus,[2] the translators of Aratus's Phaenomena, expressed it as ensis, Latin for "sword". Also, Arabic astronomers called it Saif al Jabbār, the Sword of the Giant. In China, It was called 伐, Punishment, and subordinated to Sieu of Shen (參). In Japan, It is called Ko-mitsu-boshi (小三星), “Little Three Stars”. In Finland, it is called Kalevanmiekka (Kaleva's sword).

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