Heydukova Street Synagogue

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Heydukova Street Synagogue
Synagóga na Heydukovej ulici
Orthodox Synagogue, Heydukova street, Bratislava.jpg
Front facade of the synagogue
Basic information
Location Heydukova Street No. 11-13, Bratislava, Slovakia
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Country Slovakia
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Active synagogue
Leadership Baruch Myers
Architectural description
Architect(s) Artur Szalatnai
Architectural style Cubism
Completed 1926
Materials Reinforced concrete

The Heydukova Street Synagogue is the only Jewish synagogue in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.[1] It was constructed in 1923 – 1926 on Heydukova Street in the Old Town in Cubist style, designed by the local Jewish architect Artur Szalatnai.

The synagogue is an important example of Slovak religious architecture of the 20th century and it is listed as a Slovak National Cultural Monument. It is one of only four active synagogues in Slovakia and historically one of three in Bratislava, the other two were demolished in the 20th century.[2] The building also houses the Bratislava Jewish Community Museum, installed upstairs, with a permanent exhibition “The Jews of Bratislava and Their Heritage” which is open to the public during the summer season.


The architect Artur Szalatnai was selected by winning a competition for the project of a new synagogue. It was Szalatnai's first major work after finishing studies in Budapest. At the time of the construction, there were no houses in this part of Heydukova Street.

The synagogue exterior has a towerless, seven-pillared colonnade facing Heydukova Street. Entrance is situated at the building's eastern side, from the corridor connecting the street with the inner yard. The interior includes a large sanctuary in which modern steel-and-concrete construction and contemporary Cubist details are combined with historicist elements.

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