Ohs, Värnamo

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Ohs is a small village that is part of the Värnamo Municipality, in the Småland province of southern Sweden.

Location and history[edit]

Ohs is situated by the south tip of the lake Rusken, where the historical Nydala Abbey is also situated at the lake-shore. The community is founded around a mill that produced energy for the iron production from 1600. In 1893, it was converted to a paper pulp factory, which operated until 1978. The old factory is now a museum and the manor house is a tourist attraction. Since the paper mill closed, the population has shrunk to around 100 people. Many foreigners own former small residential houses in the area for vacation needs.

Narrow gauge railway[edit]

Ohs is the starting point of a 600 mm (1 ft 11 58 in) narrow gauge Ohsabanan, a museum railway to Bor, 15 km away. The railway was constructed in the summer of 1910 and runs steam trains.


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Coordinates: 57°12′N 14°20′E / 57.200°N 14.333°E / 57.200; 14.333