Osgoldcross Wapentake

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Coordinates: 53°44′38″N 1°18′36″W / 53.744°N 1.310°W / 53.744; -1.310

Wapentakes of the West Riding. Osgoldcross is labelled 13 on the map.

Osgoldcross was a wapentake of the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. It included the parishes of Adlingfleet, Badsworth, Burghwallis, Campsall, Castleford, Darrington, Kellington, South Kirkby, Owston, Pontefract, Whitgift, Womersley, Ferry Fryston[1] and parts of Featherstone, Snaith and Wragby.

The original meeting place of the wapentake was the area which later became Pontefract Market Place.[2]


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