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Óttar or Ottar may refer to:

  • Ottar, a Swedish king who appears in Beowulf as Ohthere
  • Óttar (mythology), in Norse mythology, the protégé of Freya, and the subject of the Lay of Hyndla
    • The dwarf Ótr is sometimes known as Óttarr
  • Ottar from Hålogaland, the Viking adventurer
  • Ottir Iarla (Earl Ottir), historical Norse-Gael of Waterford and probable settler of Cork
  • Jarl Ottar, earl of Götaland figuring in the Jomsvikinga Saga and in the Heimskringla
  • Óttarr svarti (Óttarr the Black), an 11th-century Icelandic court poet
  • Óttar of Dublin, 12th-century Norse-Gael king of Dublin

Given name

  • Ottar Brox (1932–), Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party
  • Ottar Dahl (1924–2011), Norwegian historian and historiographer
  • Ottar Fjærvoll (1914–1995), Norwegian politician from the Centre Party
  • Ottar Gjermundshaug (1925–1963), Norwegian skier who competed in the early 1950s
  • Ottar Grønvik (1916–2008), Norwegian philologist and runology scholar
  • Tor Ottar Karlsen (1950–), Norwegian politician for the Labour Party
  • Ottar Landfald (1919–2009), Norwegian politician for the Centre Party

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