Otto Winter-Hjelm

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Otto Winther-Hjelm to the left. Photo C.P. Knudsen, around 1860-1870. (Oslo Museum, Byhistorisk samling)

Otto Winter-Hjelm (8 October 1837 – 3 May 1931) was a Norwegian musician, conductor, writer, composer and music critic.

Life and career[edit]

Otto Winther-Hjelm was born in Christiana (Oslo), and studied in Leipzig and Berlin. During his career, he became a leading force in Norwegian music, establishing a music school in 1864 and founding the music Conservatory in Christiana with Edvard Grieg in 1866. He also served as organist for the Trinity Church in Oslo from 1874 to 1921 and music critic for Aftenposten from 1887 to 1913. Winter-Hjelm composed two symphonies and a number of cantata and songs for male chorus.[1][2]


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