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Out to Swim marching in Pride London 2011.

Out to Swim is a swimming, water polo[1] and synchro club for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people and their friends. The club also accepts straight men and women. The club was founded by AGM when the name was agreed in March 1992.[citation needed]

Inspired by the swimming teams at the Gay Games in Vancouver in 1990, the club has competed at national and international competitions; it has expanded to include a synchronized swimming team, and regularly competes in open water events.[1][2] Their first annual swimming competition was held in 1997 and attracted 23 gay and straight teams from all over Europe. [3]

In June 2012 a team of six members from the club swam the English Channel for charity.[4]

The club is also one of the few aquatics clubs in the world that offers men participation in synchronised swimming. In 2012 the club were part of a campaign for men to be allowed to compete in synchronized swimming at the 2012 Summer Olympics.[5] Synchronised swimming is one of only two Olympic sports that discriminate on the basis of gender.

Out To Swim is a member of the International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics association.[6]

A past-president of Out to Swim is Gareth Johnson.[4]


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