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Polyp (formerly P. J. Polyp) is the pen name of the cartoonist Paul Fitzgerald, who is based in the UK.[1] Much of his work, particularly his regular 'Big Bad World' feature for New Internationalist, is political.


A collection of his cartoons, Big Bad World,[2] was published in 2002 by New Internationalist In 2009 he released Speechless: World History Without Words, a Graphic novel summarizing World history published by New Internationalist and Friends of the Earth.[3] A German edition with extensively modified artwork, Sprachlos: Eine Weltgeschichte ohne Worte, was published in 2014.[4]

In 2012 he was commissioned by The Co-operative Group to create a graphic novel history of the Rochdale Pioneers The Co-operative Revolution. The book also outlined the extent of the modern day co-operative movement, and explored the presence of co-operation within evolved natural systems.[5] It has since been published free online in a semi-animated format.[6]

Working with Australian born fine artist Eva Schlunke, he co-created the ecology themed children's book Little Worm's Big Question, to be published by New Internationalist in 2016.[7]

As well as providing cartoons to many UK and international NGO campaign groups,[8] he is a professional campaign prop builder, and an active member of the Skeptics in the Pub movement.[9]



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