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Point Blue Conservation Science
PRBO Conservation Science logo.png
Founded 1965
Type 501 c(3)
Focus reduce impacts of climate change, habitat loss and other environmental stressors while promoting climate-smart, Nature Based Solutions for wildlife and people
Area served
Alaska to Antarctica
Method science, partnerships, outreach
Key people
President and CEO Ellie M. Cohen
$10.2 million
140 staff and seasonal scientists
Slogan At Point Blue, we advance conservation of birds, other wildlife and ecosystems through science, partnerships and outreach.
Website www.pointblue.org
Newsletter: The Observer/Point Blue Quarterly

Point Blue Conservation Science, founded as the Point Reyes Bird Observatory (PRBO), is a California-based wildlife conservation and research non-profit organization. Point Blue's mission is to conserve birds, other wildlife and ecosystems through science, partnerships, and outreach. Their vision is that healthy ecosystems will continue to sustain thriving wildlife and human communities well into the future.

Point Blue was founded in 1965 to study bird migration along the Pacific flyway, and has the longest running population study of landbirds in North America west of the Mississippi river (continuous since 1966) located in Marin County, north of San Francisco, as well as maintaining a year-round research presence on the Farallon Islands since 1969. Point Blue is headquartered in Petaluma, California with several active field research stations and sites throughout California. Their field station in Bolinas, Ca offers environmental education, guided tours of the mist-netting process used to study birds, and seasonal interns are there all year learning about banding/studying birds. In June 2013, the organization changed its name to Point Blue Conservation Science.[1]

Point Blue employs 140 staff and seasonal biologists as well as 14 education and outreach staff, who focus on scientific research, conservation biology, and outreach.


Point Blue's top priorities are to understand and project the effects of climate change and other environmental stressors on nature and wildlife in order to benefit birds, other wildlife and people.[2]

In collaboration with Conserve.IO (EarthNC), Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, Point Blue has developed the “Whale Aware” program, a new system for gathering near-real-time data on where whales are congregating so marine management agencies can alert ship operators and help prevent collisions with endangered whales in the San Francisco and Channel Islands regions.[3][4]


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