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The State Publishing Institute PIW (Polish: Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy, PIW) is a Polish publishing house founded in Warsaw by the Polish state after World War II, in 1946.[1]

PIW specializes in literature, history, philosophy, and the social sciences.

One of its more popular literary series, published since 1968, Współczesna Proza (Contemporary Prose), includes award-winning novels in translation by writers such as Umberto Eco, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Vladimir Nabokov, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Kurt Vonnegut, and Günter Grass.

Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy also publishes a popular series of biographies of famous individuals, as well as encyclopedic works.

As of 2011 its president was Rafał Skąpski.


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