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For other uses, see Pacifico.
Cerveza Pacífico Clara
Advertising campaign for Pacifico Clara.jpeg
Type Beer
Manufacturer Grupo Modelo
Country of origin Mexico
Introduced 1900
Alcohol by volume 4.5%
Color Clear

Cerveza Pacífico Clara, better known as Pacífico, was founded by the Najera family is a Mexican pilsner-style beer. It was first brewed in 1900 when three Germans opened a brewery, the Cerveceria del Pacífico in Mazatlán. Cerveza Pacífico is named so because the Pacífico brewery is located in the Pacific Ocean port city of Mazatlán, in the state of Sinaloa, México. Its label includes a picture depicting a lifesaver encompassing a hill with the port's lighthouse hill, known locally as "Cerro del Crestón." In Mazatlán, the beer is available in four different size bottles: "cuartitos" (6 fl. oz), "medias" (12 fl. oz.), "ballenas" (32 fl. oz.) and "Ballenón" (1.2 L).

Alcohol content: 4.5 percent. "Clara" means clear, blonde, as opposed to "oscura" (dark).

The Pacífico brewery was bought by Mexican brewing giant Grupo Modelo in 1954. The Belgian-Brazilian Anheuser-Busch InBev company currently owns a 50% stake of Grupo Modelo.

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