Paessler Router Traffic Grapher

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Developer(s) Paessler AG
Stable release
Version / 1 December 2016; 3 months ago (2016-12-01)
Operating system Windows
Available in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
Type Network monitoring

Paessler Router Traffic Grapher, renamed PRTG Network Monitor from version 7 in 2008,[1] is a server up-time and utilisation, network monitoring and bandwidth usage software package for server infrastructure from Paessler AG. It can monitor and classify bandwidth usage in a network using SNMP, packet sniffing and Netflow. It services Microsoft Windows and Linux. It was derived from the open-source Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) project. A version with a limited number of sensors is available free of charge.[2]

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