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"Papa" is a song written by Stephen Poliakoff and Adrian Johnston [1] for the BBC drama Gideon's Daughter. The song is originally sung by Emily Blunt's character Natasha (and is occasionally referred to as Natasha's song) to her father (played by Bill Nighy) during a performance at her school. The performance features vocals with flamenco style acoustic/classical guitar accompaniment by renowned classical guitarist Georgina Whitehead. The song, which forms a pivotal part of the story in Gideon's Daughter, was inspired by the tragic life and writings of Marie-Georges Simenon (Marie-Jo), daughter of the novelist Georges Simenon, who committed suicide by shooting herself at the age of 25.


I see you from my window
Walking with her there
I don't need to know which number
I won't stop you touch her hair
I don't need to see you waving
When you slip away at night
I don't have to know what happened
As you crawl back when it's light

[Not in film: I don't need you to look at me
And tell me how many hundreds there have been
I don't want to have to listen
As they fall a constant stream]
I don't need to catch you with them
Your voice so full of joy
As you murmur your little nothings
My own Papa so very coy

Mon cherie Papa
Mon cherie Papa

I don't need you to say you love me
I don't need you to say goodnight
I don't need you to caress me
I don't need to be held tight
I only want you to be ready
To know my voice will never ring
To know there'll never be another letter
You've got to hear this one small thing

I need you to remember
That I never was your shame
I always was your daughter
I never did complain
I always was your daughter
I never did complain

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